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Order Actiniaria
    Nemanthus sp

Order Corallimorpharia

Order Zoantharia

Order Ceriantharia

  Actiniaria, or sea anemones, are very beautiful and interesting marine creatures.
On this site we collected information and underwater photographs of many identified species from various places. 156 species are currently listed. If you have photos of any species not listed here, please, contact with K. Sanamyan, email is here.

Our coldwater anemone predominated aquarium

Our book Underwater world of Kamchatka
Includes many superb photos of identified sea anemones and other marine invertebrates

  Flora and Fauna of Matua Island (middle Kuril Islands): the field guide
available for free

Other interesting species:

Marsipohydra pacifica (meiobenthic Hydrozoa).

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