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Urticina clandestina Sanamyan, Sanamyan et McDaniel, 2013

(photos of Neil McDaniel, Canada: specimens from British Columbia, Canada: southern Strait of Georgia at the south end of Thetis Island)
Urticina clandestina

Urticina clandestina

Urticina clandestina

Urticina clandestina

This is a very interesting and distinctive species of Urticina. We describe is as a new species from British Columbia, Pacific coast of Canada (see reference to our publication below). Most probably it has much wider distribution along Pacific coast of N America, but this needs confirmation. The species is always found buried in coarse sand or gravel with the pedal disk attached to solid objects like buried stones or rock. Only the oral disk with the tentacles is visible on the surface. Contracted specimens are usually hidden by overlying sediment. The species was observed from the low intertidal and shallow subtidal zone to 20m deep. Externally, on the photos, it resembles Cribrinopsis olegi in its buried habit and short decamerously arranged tentacles, although usually the colour and the shape of the tentacles (more ampullaceous in Cribrinopsis olegi) differ clearly in living specimens. Similar (or, possibly, at least in part the same) species occurring along Pacific coast of USA and Canada is often wrongly identified as Urticina coriacea. The name Urticina coriacea is not valid, this name is a junior synonym of Urticina felina, a species known only from European seas and it not occurs in Pacific.

The genus Urticina currently comprises seven valid species (Urticina felina, Urticina crassicornis, Urticina eques, Urticina fecunda, Urticina kurila, Urticina piscivora, Urticina grebelnyi and one species for which assignment to this genus needs confirmation (Urticina columbiana). This list is not congruent with the current list of valid Urticina species in the database "Hexacorallians of the World" (Fautin, 2013), which contains a number of synonyms and is confusing - the same specimens may be assigned simultaneously to several species marked as valid (e.g. the holotype of Actinea tuberculata Cocks, 1851 is in the list of specimens for Urticina tuberculata, Urticina felina and Urticina coriacea).*

[*Update: 10.06.2014 I got a message from Dr. Fautin who said I may find explanation of oddities in output of her database mentioned above somewhere in the introduction of her site. She also said that "unlike your site, mine is not my opinions". I cannot agree with that. Every published "List of all valid species of the genus" (including such lists published on the site of Dr. Fautin) is always connected with the opinion of its author and cannot be interpreted otherwise -- different authors may have different views on the validity of certain species.]

Taxonomic position:
Phylum: Cnidaria
Class: Anthozoa
Subclass: Hexacorallia
Superorder: Hexactiniida
Order: Actiniaria
Suborder: Nynantheae (Thenaria : Endomyaria)

Family: Actiniidae

Species: Urticina clandestina Sanamyan, Sanamyan, McDaniel, 2013

Species list of sea anemones:
  • Acricoactis brachyacontis
  • Actinernus robustus
  • Actinia equina
  • Actinodendron sp
  • Actinostella bradleyi
  • Actinostephanus haeckeli
  • Actinostola chilensis
  • Actinothoe sphyrodeta
  • Adamsia palliata
  • Aiptasia couchii
  • Aiptasia mutabilis
  • Alicia mirabilis
  • Alicia sansibarensis
  • Allantactis parasitica
  • Amplexidiscus fenestrafer
  • Andresia parthenopea
  • Anemonia alicemartinae
  • Anemonia viridis
  • Antholoba achates
  • Anthopleura elegantissima
  • Anthopleura hermaphroditica
  • Anthopleura orientalis
  • Anthopleura sola
  • Anthopleura xanthogrammica
  • Anthothoe chilensis
  • Armactinia antarctica
  • Artemidactis victrix
  • Aulactinia vancouverensis
  • Aulactinia vladimiri
  • Bathyphellia margaritacea
  • Boloceroides mcmurrichi
  • Boloceropsis platei
  • Calliactis polypus
  • Cereus herpetodes
  • Cereus pedunculatus
  • Cerianthus lloydii
  • Charisea saxicola
  • Cnidopus japonicus
  • Condylactis aurantiaca
  • Condylactis gigantea
  • Corallimorphus karinae
  • Corallimorphus pilatus
  • Corynactis californica
  • Corynactis carnea
  • Corynactis viridis
  • Cribrinopsis albopunctata
  • Cribrinopsis crassa
  • Cribrinopsis olegi
  • Cryptodendrum adhaesivum
  • Dactylanthus antarcticus
  • Diadumene lineata
  • Discosoma nummiforme
  • Dofleinia armata
  • Edwardsia inachi
  • Edwardsiella loveni
  • Entacmaea quadricolor
  • Epiactis prolifera
  • Epizoanthus couchii
  • Epizoanthus fiordicus
  • Glyphoperidium bursa
  • Gonactinia prolifera
  • Gyractis octoradiata
  • Gyractis verrucosa
  • Halcampa arctica
  • Halcampoides sp
  • Halcampoides mediterranea
  • Halcurias pilatus
  • Heteractis aurora
  • Heterodactyla hemprichii
  • Hormathia lacunifera
  • Hormathia nodosa
  • Hormathia pacifica
  • Hormathia pectinata
  • Hormosoma scotti
  • Isaurus tuberculatus
  • Isoparactis fabiani
  • Isoparactis fionae
  • Isosicyonis alba
  • Korsaranthus natalensis
  • Liponema brevicorne
  • Macrodactyla doreensis
  • Megalactis griffithsi
  • Mesozoanthus fossii
  • Metridium farcimen
  • Metridium lobatum
  • Metridium senile
  • Metridium senile fimbriatum
  • Nemanthus sp
  • Octineon suecicum
  • Oulactis concinnata
  • Pachycerianthus multiplicatus
  • Pachycerianthus solitarius
  • Paracondylactis sinensis
  • Paracorynactis hoplites
  • Paraisanthus tamarae
  • Paranthus niveus
  • Parazoanthus anguicomus
  • Parazoanthus axinellae
  • Parazoanthus elongatus
  • Peachia cylindrica
  • Phellia exlex
  • Phelliactis callicyclus
  • Phyllodiscus semoni
  • Phymactis papillosa
  • Phymanthea pluvia
  • Phymanthus crucifer
  • Phymanthus species
  • Platyzoanthus mussoides
  • Protanthea simplex
  • Protopalythoa mutuki
  • Pseudocorynactis caribbeorum
  • Ptychodactis aleutiensis
  • Ptychodactis patula
  • Radianthus crispa
  • Radianthus magnifica
  • Radianthus malu
  • Rhodactis inchoata
  • Rhodactis indosinensis
  • Ricordea yuma
  • Sagartia elegans
  • Sicyonis heliodiscus
  • Spongiactis japonica
  • Stichodactyla gigantea
  • Stichodactyla haddoni
  • Stichodactyla tapetum
  • Stomphia coccinea
  • Telmatactis sp
  • Triactis producta
  • Urticina clandestina
  • Urticina columbiana
  • Urticina crassicornis
  • Urticina eques
  • Urticina felina
  • Urticina grebelnyi
  • Urticina kurila
  • Urticina mcpeaki
  • Verrillactis paguri

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